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primeval soup

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Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
4:27 am
New Generation Sushi, i have judged you too hastily. you're actually pretty good. i think i was just in a bad mood when i visited you the first time, and projected my negative feelings onto your rice-filled morsels of goodness. forgive me?

also, note to self: if you note to a random guy in the supermarket that one particular brand of jasmine tea is awesome, it gives him full license to talk about your nipples. if you do not wish to discuss your nipples with random guys in the tea aisle, keep to yourself when tea shopping.

some brands of soda you can only get in Michigan.

also, Laurence is back. yay! you should bake him a cake or something.

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Monday, August 15th, 2005
5:34 am
i just watched "A Very Long Engagement." i'm tempted to reflect, but the movie seems to have prompted one of my oversentimental overemotional fluffybunny moods, and entries written in these moods tend to get unposted by me at some later point.

it was good, though. so good. all's not fair in love and war. (also. dude. a subtle portrayal of OCD tendencies. brilliant.) this paragraph has a lot of periods.

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Tuesday, June 21st, 2005
3:32 am - more from the Bran Trek
All-Bran. with sweet and sour sauce. is not tasty.

i think i give up on this eat my daily quota of bran thing. seeing how long i could go eating lots of bran with various condiments is about as bad an idea as the time i wanted to see how long i could go without brushing my teeth. i made it about a week with the teeth thing. ew.

my brain hurts from too much studying for exams. you know what would make me feel better? one of these cuddly facehuggers. they seem to be very much beyond my sewing ability though. but! if i stop buying All-Bran, perhaps the money i don't put towards aformentioned disgusting yet healthful cereal can go towards buying an actual stuffed facehugger from the actual internet! i will name it Snuggly!

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Saturday, June 11th, 2005
7:03 pm - yay!
it looks like i've thoroughly pwned that virus. so, i hereby lift the ban on opening the emails i send you. open, i say, and revel in their virus free glory. read them aloud, in market squares, prefaced by "hear ye, hear ye, shed the shields of yon ears, for no trojan nor worm nor wares of ad or spy doth dwell in these orations!"

it turns out that the virus Annie caught supposedly doesn't attach itself to emails the user sends, it just uses your email to send it's own prepackaged mailings of nastiness. so it wasn't as urgent a concern to y'all as i'd thought.

i dusted Annie and cleaned her monitor, keyboard, mouse and desk to apologize for letting her get infected. she's purring now... awww.

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11:24 am
public service announcement:

if you get any email from me, don't open it. i didn't send it, the gremlins did. argh. how did a virus manage to get through the field of lions, cross the pirhana-filled moat, defeat the acid-drooling dragon, break into the castle and infect my dear Annie?

i'm working on fixing her up right now at a fiendish pace.

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Thursday, June 2nd, 2005
2:05 am - ye olde butt plugs
i want to start a band and call it the PreDigital Dildonics Of YesterYear.

um. so now there's open source dildonics?! i didn't realize that there had been so much progress in robotic sex. *researches more* oh, for the love of cats... slashdong.

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Sunday, May 15th, 2005
10:45 pm
oh my!!! i love CPanel!!! why oh why was i using ordinary ftp clients for so long?!

it boggles my mind. so easy to use. so many features. aaaah, it has Fantastico! Fantastico should have my little software babies! ooh. site stats. WordPress! ohhh. nearing orgasm here.

my goodness. i want to do a celebratory dance for every developer who worked on this amazing jewel of a program. and i will wear sequins. and there will be a grand piano and a double bass and they will play Glenn Gould songs.

current mood: overjoyed

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Saturday, May 14th, 2005
6:53 pm
so... i need some inexpensive hosting for my Look At Me I'm A Musician website.

if any of you have a little extra space for a little Canadian folkie to hitch up her site for a nice price, please do let me know.

my site doesn't snore or track mud into the kitchen! it'll be well behaved!

[edit:] hosting has now been acquired. thanks y'all!

current mood: working

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Monday, April 25th, 2005
12:20 pm
it's all getting rather intense and confusing, isn't it?

so i'm going to talk about tooth whitening products.

i don't care about the whiteness of my teeth. i care about their cleanliness, but if they're clean and they're still not gleaming ivory pillars, i'm okay with that. the other day, i was toothbrush shopping, and it appeared that the toothbrush aisle of the drug mart was having a sale on "twisted bristle whitening toothbrushes", thus making them the cheapest toothbrushes i could find in the whole store. the combined force of my sparse wallet and my curiousity prompted me to buy this little purple and white creature.

the toothbrush package informed me that i should use it as part of a team effort to whiten my teeth, the other team members being whitening toothpaste and regular dentist visits. since i don't have a dentist anymore and i'm sure as snow in Nunavut not going to put bleach cocktail in my mouth every day, i was curious as to whether or not the little green whitening spirals would do the job when paired with my usual organic spearmint clay paste and tap water fresh from the bowels of Lake Ontario.

so i gave the teeth a fantastic brushing, up and down and in all the tricky little corners, and even flossed afterwards. i looked in the mirror to survey the results, and... no difference. crooked and bright and still the colour of fresh cream, just as i like them. maybe it takes many brushings before you see results, or maybe i'd need one of those flour-perox-etcetera-ide pastes to use with my bristly new friend.

either way, this toothbrush is no longer the most exciting new implement in my life. yes, i finally have a new printer cartridge. yum. so much ink, just waiting to be propelled onto paper by so many delicious little steam explosions. it's practically mewling like a newborn animal from inside it's plastic packaging. "uuuuse meee! uuuse meee!" of course, i'm not going to deny a brand-new ink cartridge such a request. i suppose i'm just soft at heart.

current mood: grrrhaghgrgh

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Friday, April 15th, 2005
7:20 pm - a brief note
the Open Source movement is totally my squishy.

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Friday, April 8th, 2005
6:17 pm
i made that last entry private so it's not sitting there and being annoying. sorry for the crypticness.

today i found two old science textbooks in the free book bin and had an excellent ginger cookie.

for some reason, i've suddenly decided that i don't want to wear earrings right now, but i haven't taken them out in over a year, and now my earlobes feel very odd.

i had so much to write about, but my brain feels like it's full of molasses.

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Monday, April 4th, 2005
4:29 pm - then there comes a point where everything is out of joy
i'm back from Emilyville!

the story of my visit, in words and many picturesCollapse )

it was a jolly good time. alas, i rather foolishly left stuff at home in a big messy mess before i left, and now i'm kinda stressy about that, so i'm off to clean it up as best i can.

edit: photos removed till i get me some of my own webspace, coz the free one was maxed out in bandwith, yo.

current mood: happy n' a lil stressy

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Friday, March 11th, 2005
12:43 am - i like olives. i like you too.
she named me olive. i love it.

current mood: thankful

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Monday, March 7th, 2005
12:41 am - i know everyone's already done this, but...
If you woke up and I was in bed with you, what would be your first thought?

current mood: discontent

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Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
1:35 pm - shteyt a bokher, shteyt un trakht, trakht un trakht a gantze nakht
last night was the best open mic i've attended in a long time, despite the annoyances near the beginning.

i was second to go on stage, and everybody was talking *really loudly*. i started with "The Real World" and could hardly hear myself over the noise. i replaced the lyrics "they're all songs now" with "it's really loud... in here" but nobody noticed my very obvious hint except the people who weren't being loud. it doesn't bother me when people talk while i play, but when people are shouting so they can be heard over the music, it gets rather irritating. after my set, one of the non-loud people said "sorry everyone was being so loud"... which was surprising. i was glad i wasn't the only one who cared about the noise level and that i wasn't just being Miss Picky Rockstar. my set was distracted and rather bad overall, and i was so irritated that i was considering leaving, but i decided to stay, and i'm so very glad i did.

the loud people quieted down and/or left near the end, and the very last act was... The Lady Racers. eeeee! i didn't even know they were playing! i've been requesting "Me and Latoya" at all of their shows i've been to since the summertime, and they'd never played it... but last night they did, and i didn't even request it!!! it was awesome.

as for today... lotsa work, busy, choir practice, sleepy now. and also, Croatian cookies. many of them. i need to learn some self control when it comes to cookies.

current mood: sleepy

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Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
11:49 pm - eeeeeeeeee!
Emily is here! Hurrah! yay!

i am inarticulate right now.

very much so.

hey look, a penguin! (on the ceiling, says Em)

current mood: loved

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Friday, February 11th, 2005
4:50 am - bed and breakfast is all you bargained for
something you probably didn't know about me: i have a collection of colourful little stones that i keep in a clear film canister. when i am sad, i pour them all out and sort them and put them back in. it makes me feel better. sometimes i use them in making jewelery or give them away, but that's rare. they're very special. i don't know what kind of rocks they are... i keep them because they're so tiny and so beautiful.

for no particular reason, i'm suddenly very sad. i'm also very not sleepy, but there's a reason for that, that being too much sleep during the day yesterday.


Napoleon needed to find a way to keep his army well fed.
he offered a prize for the mind that could shape a device
to better preserve food. seals and glass came forth
alongside hot water baths and highly acidic seasonings.

most people think of Napoleon when they spread their jam.

so started that chain reaction:
Appert, Mason, Dyott, Arthur
all the pioneers of canning
are discussed at fruit jar get-togethers
put on by the Midwest Fruit Jar and Bottle Club
they are not discussed at the dinner table.
Napoleon is discussed at the dinner table.

most people think of Napoleon when they spread their jam,
though his hands are not covered in sealing wax
though his name is not inscribed in the side of a jar
though he probably never pondered the extent
to which tin cans infuse food with a metallic taste

most people think of Napoleon without wondering why
when they adorn their toast with strawberry rhubarb jam
made by their grandmother in Ohio
and sent to Toronto in a wicker basket for Christmas
along with a bag of chocolate covered cranberries
and several packets of hot cocoa mix

this is the household name
this is sweet Midwestern comfort
this is the scent of cakes cooling on the stove-top
this is summertime picnic chatter
this is the bark of the neighbor's dog
who has no ear for unfamilliar names
or revolutionaries nobody mentions
around the dinner table.

current mood: sad

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Saturday, January 29th, 2005
12:36 pm - here comes the baby juice!
yay, this city's queer film festival has begun!

last night was the gala movie and party. the film was "Everyone"... and was preceded by an educational cartoon about the dangers of syphillis. the film was awesome... and the director was there, and did a Q&A afterwards.

also afterwards, i went to the party at The Gay Bar with Margot and Kate. it was great, dancing is very healing for me. there was also free food and shirtless, tattoed bartenders walking around the dance floor with a tray containing plastic shot glasses full of something that was either alcohol or pepto-bismol.

i have to give a guitar lesson in an hour, so i'd better go find something to eat and then do the teaching thing.

current mood: cheerful

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Tuesday, January 4th, 2005
1:53 pm - give me a hedge! give me a hog!
holy cow, i want a hedgehog.

now i'm going to spend the rest of the next hour until Mom gets here researching keeping hedgehogs as pets.

talk hedgehog to me, baybee.


The International Hedgehog Association

hedgehogs are illegal in New York City?!

how to say "hedgehog" in other languages

"are there many hedgehogs in the northern part of Sweden? YES! YES! YES!"

current mood: spammy

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Sunday, January 2nd, 2005
10:43 pm - answers
here are the answers to the questions i've been asked so far:

napoleonlll asked: "do you know why a raven is like a writing desk?"

as i pondered, weak and weary, spin0za1 swiftly replied: "Poe wrote on both."

it's very unlikely that Poe could have written on a raven. the raven probably wouldn't have sat still long enough for Poe to put the paper on its' back. :P

my answer is: "a raven" has 6 letters. "a writing desk" has 12 letters. the sum of all the letters in both words is a multiple of two.

cloakedstoat asked: "what is your favourite shirt?" to which i reply:

have some pictures!Collapse )

come on, ask me more questions. this is fun.

current mood: amused

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